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Panama City Beach Ranked As A Dangerous City

Panama City Beach Postcard

Panama City Beach Post Card

Based on a recent report, Panama City Beach ranks 22 on a list of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

Safewise Report determined the rankings based on the number of violent and property crimes with Panama City Beach suffering 10.69 violent crimes and 87.78 property crime per 1000 residents.

5 other cities in Florida were ranked, including Florida City (9), Miami Beach (16), Cocoa (24) and Lake City (29). Other tourist destinations that made the list include Branson Mo., Myrtle Beach, SC.

The ranking is based on violent crimes and property crimes per 1,000 people. Panama City was previously unranked, and with the recent violence over the past few days, the city may see its rank worsen.

Four other cities in Florida made the list, including Florida City at No. 9, Miami Beach at No. 16, Cocoa at No. 24 and Lake City at No. 29.
While cities like New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. have much more crime, the population is larger and the risk of becoming a victim is much lower.

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