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Murder/Suicide – Panama City Beach Case Report

Bay County Sheriff Offense / Incident Report

Casenumber: 2009-045893

Event Information

Reported On: 07/04/2009 @ 09:33 Incident Occurred Between: 07/04/2009 @ 04:00 and 07/04/2009 @ 05:00

Time Arrived: 09:39 Zone: 02

Location: 300 CABANA BLVD APT 1512 PANAMA CITY, FL 32407

Officer Reporting: R. WILLIAMS



Home Address: 300 CABANA BLVD APT 1512, PANAMA CITY, FL 32407


Address: 300 CABANA BLVD APT 1512, PANAMA CITY, FL 32407

On July 4th 2009 at approximately 0933 hours I was dispatched to 300 Cabana Blvd Apt 1512 in reference to a possible MURDER / SUICIDE. While still en route I was advised by dispatch that they had received a call from a male advising that his father had murdered his mother and then committed suicide. I was then advised that the male had disconnected. Just before my arrival I was advised that they had called the number back and was advised that the phone owner had just left the property in a red Nissan 300 and that they were advised by him that his parents were dead.

Just as I arrived on scene I was advised by Lt XXXXX Francis that he just located the original caller (later identified as XXXXX XXXXXX) at the intersection of Front Beach and Middle Beach.  Once in the apartment complex I was flagged down by Jason Fisher and Kyle Greek who

stated they would take me to the apartment. I then responded to apartment 1512. Upon approaching the apartment I noted that the front door was open. I then entered the residence and began to announce my presence. While conducting a quick sweep of the house I located a white female (later identified as Karrie A XXXXXX) laying on a bed in the back bedroom along with a black male (later identified as Robert A XXXXXX).  I then approached the pair and found that both had apparently been fatally shot. I also noted that there was a pistol(Ruger P-89 9mm semi-auto) laying on the black male’s chest.

At this time I advised Lt Francis of the situation and was advised to hold the scene until his arrival. I then exited the residence and placed crime scene tape around the outer perimeter. I then made contact with Jason Fisher who stated that he and his roommate were inside their apartment(1508) when they heard a commotion outside. Jason then stated that they walked out and saw a white male running around outside screaming ” Someone help me they’re both dead”. Jason stated that he then approached the male who was on the phone with what he assumed was 911. Jason then stated that the male handed him the phone and began to “freak out”. Jason stated that he then

hung up the phone and began to ask what had happened. Jason then stated that the male stated that his father had shot his mother and then himself. Jason stated that the male then turned and ran to his car and left.

Jason stated that he and Kyle then began to walk towards the residence when the phone the male had handed him began to ring. Jason then stated that he answered the phone and was advised that it 911 and that they needed to know what was happening. Jason then stated that he recounted just what the male had advised him. While talking with him he stated that he had walked inside the residence and that he had also saw the two bodies. Jason stated that upon seeing the bodies he fled the residence and waited for my arrival.

After talking with Jason I stood by until Lt Francis arrived on scene. Once on scene I walked Lt Francis through the scene. I was then advised by Lt Francis to secure the scene and that CID was en route. A short time later I was joined on scene by Inv Kathy Bowker. I then recounted all the available information that I had to her and then walked her through the scene. At this time the investigation was turned over to her. No further action was taken at this time. This case is pending further investigation.

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