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Local Woman Accused of Poisoning Co-Worker

Sherita Monique Harris - Woman accused of attempting to poison co-workerThe Bay County Sheriff’s Office announced today the arrest of Sherita Monique Harris, age 39, on charges of Poisoning after a co-worker discovered chemical cleaner in her food and coffee.

On January 6, 2016, a BCSO deputy was dispatched to a business on Tyndall Parkway. A complaint had been made involving chemical cleaner being used to contaminate food and drink.

The victim stated to the deputy she brought potato salad to work that day. Two other employees ate some of the potato salad without complaint. Later in the day, the victim ate some of the potato salad while on a break and it tasted spoiled. The victim stated she eventually realized the potato salad smelled like it contained chemicals.

The victim told the deputy she had smelled the same chemical in her cup of coffee the day before. She had spilled the coffee before leaving what remained in the cup in the employee break room. She noticed another employee, Sherita Harris, coming out of the break room acting suspiciously, keeping her back turned to the victim with her arms folded inward to her chest. The victim went into the break room and found her coffee cup now overflowing with coffee. She tasted it and stated it tasted and smelled like a chemical had been added. She stated to the deputy she was sure it was the Disinfectant Chemical Cleaner used at the business.

A sample was collected of the coffee and the cleaner and submitted for testing to a laboratory. While BCSO deputies conducted their investigation, the suspect Sherita Harris asked the manager why law enforcement was at the store. Harris eventually left the store without informing anyone she was going, about fifteen minutes after signing in to work.

Laboratory results were received and were positive for the presence of the cleaner. Also, video was obtained of the break room and showed Sherita Harris with the bottle of cleaner in her hand at the time the coffee was believed contaminated.

A warrant was obtained for Sherita Harris, of 929 Cypress Avenue, and she was arrested March 3, 2016, and charged with Poisoning. She was taken to the Bay County Jail.

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