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Help Find These Car Burglary Suspects

Vehicle Burglary SuspectsThe Bay County Sheriff’s Office released images today of several individuals wanted in connection with multiple vehicle burglaries in Bay County.

On Thursday evening, May 12, multiple vehicle burglaries were reported at several athletic events in Bay County. At about 7:30 pm an off-duty deputy at one of the events was notified by a concerned parent that a man was walking through the parking lot checking for unlocked cars. The deputy went into the parking lot and observed several men in a white Dodge Journey driving from one part of the parking lot to another. When the men saw him watching them, they drove out of the parking lot. The deputy was able to get a partial tag on the Dodge Journey of “861”.

Later that same night at another sporting event in Bay County, eight cars were burglarized in the parking lot. Windows were broken and purses and bags that had been left inside the vehicles were stolen.

On Friday, May 13, one of the burglary victims from the night before contacted BCSO investigators to report that her stolen bag had been found outside a small restaurant in Chipley. One of the workers at the restaurant found the bag, located identification inside, and called the owner. Several vehicle burglaries in the parking lot of the restaurant were also reported to law enforcement in the Chipley area the same day.

On Friday, a county-wide meeting of law enforcement agencies was held at the BCSO concerning the vehicle burglaries. It was learned that a rash of vehicle burglaries has been reported to the Panama City Police Department on Wednesday, May 11, also taking place in the parking lot of a high school during an athletic event.

While the meeting was taking place, a call was received by a BCSO investigator from a victim stating that her stolen identification was just used at a bank in Jackson County to cash a check belonging to another victim of a car burglary in Washington County. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and they sent deputies who arrived quickly but the woman who had used the identification had just left. Minutes later, the same woman attempted to use the stolen ID to cash another stolen check at the drive-in window of another bank in Jackson County. This time, banking authorities had been alerted the ID was stolen, and the teller kept the ID and the fraudulent check and asked the woman to come into the bank to complete the transaction. The woman drove away before deputies could get to the second bank.

BCSO investigators went to Jackson County and recovered video from the banks used by the female suspect. It was noted in one of the videos that a white Dodge Journey was always near the silver Hyundai Elantra the female suspect was driving. In this video, the Journey can be seen in the parking lot of a small grocery store. Video of the black males that were in the Journey was obtained from the small grocery store.

Anyone with information on the three black males in the white Dodge Journey, or the white female in the silver Hyundai Elantra, is asked to contact the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 747-4700. Those wishing to remain anonymous are asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 785-TIPS.
Vehicle Burglary Suspects

Vehicle Burglary Suspects
Vehicle Burglary Suspects

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