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Domestic Disturbance Lands Married Couple In Jail

On the above listed date and time, this officer responded to 9322 Front Beach Road (Park Place RV Park) in reference to a disturbance.

While enroute, this officer was notified that an anonymous third party caller was the complainant, and advised it was possible Lot #32 where the disturbance was occurring. This officer and Deputy M. Williams, of this agency, located Lot #32 upon arrival, at which time we could see a subject sitting inside the open door of the “fifth wheel” type RV.

This officer and Deputy M. Williams approached the door, at which time the subject was summoned to come outside. As the subject exited the RV and was illuminated by our flashlights, I noticed that the subject had a severely swollen nose, a black “left” eye, and was wiping blood from his nose with a tissue or napkin wadded up in his hand. I asked the subject, later identified as Joseph Henryward Hinkson, what happened to his face, at which time Mr. Hinkson stated “she did it” as he pointed back into the RV. I asked Mr. Hinkson if he need any professional medical attention, at which time Mr. Hinkson declined.

This officer yelled inside the RV for the female half to come outside, at which time a petite framed female exited the RV. This officer immediately noticed that the female, later identified as Robin Lynn Hinkson, had dried blood on her lips and a blood stain on her shirt, just below the clavicle. I asked Ms. Hinkson what happened at which time Ms. Hinkson stated that she had not seen Joseph Hinkson, her husband, “for months” and he just showed up tonight kicking his way in through the door. Ms. Hinkson further stated that she pushed Mr. Hinkson as he was pushing his way in the door, at which time Mr. Hinkson “fell on top of her” and that is how his nose “busted”.
Joseph Henryward Hinkson

Both Mr. Hinkson and Ms. Hinkson were extremely intoxicated.  While we were speaking with both subjects at the times they were present with one another,  both subjects bickered and argued until either Deputy Williams or I had to seperate them.  While following Mr. Hinkson into the front entrance of the RV to get his identification, I observed large blood drops on the floor and a wooden chair that sat near the door had large pools of blood, some of which was coagulating. This officer did photograph the interior of the RV, as well as the injuries to both of the Hinksons.

This officer arrested both Joseph Henryward Hinkson and Robin Lynn Hinkson for violating Florida State Statute 784.03, Battery (Domestic Violence). Deputy Williams did transport both subjects to the Bay County Jail where they were lodged on the above listed charge. Deputy Williams did issue domestic violence pamphlets, explaining the legal rights and remedies against domestic violence, to both parties. Both parties did sign for upon receipt.

This case contains no written or taped statements, and the initial complainant could never be identified.  This case is closed by arrest.

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