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Deputy Saves Michigan Boy

Bay County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a drowning call yesterday on Panama City beach, saving the life of a six year old boy from Michigan.

Deputy Mike Clancy arrived at the Regency Towers Condominium at about 5pm in response to the drowning call. He found that a bystander had pulled a six year old boy from the pool. The child was unresponsive and his lips, and skin around his lips, had turned purple.

Deputy Clancy evaluated the child and determined he had a pulse, but was not breathing. Deputy Clancy administered two rescue breaths and noticed it appeared the child had a foreign object blocking his airway. Deputy Clancy cleared his airway with a finger sweep, at which time the child began to cough. The boy was placed on his left side.

The child was taken to a local hospital for additional care. Subsequent investigation revealed he had been swimming in the pool, racing against his brother, when he became tired and couldn’t swim any more. Because so many people were in the pool, his brother did not notice when he went under.

The family is visiting Panama City Beach from Michigan.

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