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Beware Of Jury Duty Scam

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Protect Yourself From Jury Duty Scam

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office issued a Scam Alert today after receiving three complaints yesterday reporting a Jury Duty scam.

In each of the incidents, the scam is perpetrated by a phone call to an office, and informing the owner of the business that a warrant has been issued for them because they failed to respond to a jury duty summons.

The caller identifies himself as Captain Smiley, or Officer Smiley of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

The scammer then states that to avoid an embarrassing arrest, the owner of the business needs to pay a fine, a fine that can only be paid by purchasing gift cards from a store. Once the cards are purchased, a return call is to be made to the scammer. The scammer wants the transaction number on the gift cards so he can get the cash out of the gift card.

Sheriff Tommy Ford would like the public to know that the Bay County Sheriff’s Office will never contact a person by phone, and instruct them to pay a fine by gift card to avoid an arrest.

Even though only business owners have been affected so far, anyone could become a target of this scam. If you are contacted by this scammer, hang up, and contact the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 747-4700.

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