A New Moral Majority? Those that Didn’t Vote for Republican Roy Moore.

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Kevin Earl Wood, Investigative Reporter


December 12, 2017  (Type Ctrl + or Ctrl – on Your Windows Computer Keyboard for Easier Reading)

Political history was made tonight in today’s Alabama U.S. Senate race when the underdog, Democrat Doug Jones, narrowly defeated the controversial Alabama Judge, Roy Moore.

After all polling places closed and were counted the final tally was 49.9% for Jones and 48.4% for Moore.  The Associated Press called the race two hours after the polls closed and declared Doug Jones the winner of the 2017 Alabama U.S. Senate Special Election.

Final Alabama Jones-More Senate Race Results

This victory for Democrats in Alabama, a traditionally dominant red, Republican stronghold,  has implications that may reach into the future as more and more women keep coming forward to public light alleging sexual improprieties by political figures as adults and, Roy Moore’s case, children in their teens.

However, Judge Moore has not conceded victory to his opponent.  During his speech tonight to a sparse crowd of supporters after the numbers were in, Moore was already discussing getting with the Alabama Secretary of State, who leads the election process in Alabama, to consider asking for a recount.  According to Moore, “it’s not over yet.”

If an election result is 0.5% or closer between opponents then a recount would be automatic in Alabama.  However, Jones bested Moore by 1.5% but when this close a candidate, Moore in this case, can consider asking for a recount.

However, if Moore calls for a recount he will be required to pay for the recount.  If he wins the recount, his money will be refunded to him and he will be sent to Washington.  However, Democrats and Republicans alike were already positioned before today’s results, if Moore were elected, to open a Congressional investigation into the truth of the sexual allegations against Moore.  Several women have come forward that allege that they were victims of Moore when they were teenagers.

Alabama Senate Race Winner Doug Jones Celebrates With Supporters After the Final Count

On the flip side, Doug Jones, his wife Louise, and a packed crowd of cheering supporters, black and white together, celebrated the victory in typical campaign fashion.  Not only did he and his wife celebrate their political victory, they were also celebrating their December 12th 25th wedding anniversary.

Alabama Senate Race Victor Doug Jones Celebrates With His Wife Louise









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