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New Information Released In Drug Deal Gone Bad

August 21, 2017

Demarcus Giddens

Suspect In Murder

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office today released additional information on the homicide of Jason Ian Price just after midnight on Sunday, August 20, 2017.

BCSO Criminal Investigations has made three arrests directly related to the case, and two additional arrests as a result of one witness resisting efforts by law enforcement to investigate the murder.

Investigators now believe that four Arnold High School students were at Taco Bell, just over the Hathaway Bridge, Saturday evening, August 19, 2017. They met up with four males from Auburn, Alabama at the Taco Bell. At least one of the Arnold students purchased pills from one of the men from Auburn, and the group smoked marijuana together outside the restaurant.

The men from Auburn wanted to purchase more marijuana, so one of the Arnold High School students called a friend that had marijuana to sell. This marijuana dealer was with the victim, Jason Ian Price, and one other Arnold High School student, and they drove to the CVS store parking lot at Wildwood Road and Highway 98 to meet the other Arnold students and the men from Auburn.

The victim, Jason Ian Price, remained in the car, watching as the drug deal went down in the parking lot. One of the men from Auburn pulled out an AK47 and, with two other men from Auburn, began to batter and rob the Arnold High School students and the young man with the marijuana to sell. Price saw this and got out of the car to help. That is when he was shot.

Gertavious Montrez Canada

Suspect In Aug. 20 Murder

BCSO deputies responded to the scene and found Price on the ground and began CPR. EMS arrived and Price was pronounced dead at the scene. Two Arnold High School students and the marijuana dealer remained at the scene and they told deputies that the four men from Auburn fled on foot, one of them going down Wildwood Road.

After a concerned citizen made a suspicious person call to the BCSO, deputies immediately responded to the end of Wildwood Road and, with the assistance of a BCSO K9 tracking dog, deputies located one of the men from Auburn. Three others from Auburn were quickly located in the parking lot of a nearby motel. The AK47 was recovered.

The four men from Auburn were interviewed and three were subsequently arrested. One of the men from Auburn had gone to sleep on a bench in the parking lot of the CVS store during the incident and was not arrested.

Rodney Jones, age 18, was arrested and charged with Felony Murder and Armed Robbery; Gertavious Montrez Canada, age 24, was charged with Felony Murder and Armed Robbery; and Demarcus Giddens, age 21, was charged with an Open Count of Murder and Armed Robbery. It is believed that Giddens did the shooting that killed the victim.

Kevin Jacobs

Parent of Minor Involved In Murder

One of the Arnold High School students that witnessed the incident refused to respond to the door of his Thomas Drive home when investigators knocked on it, asking to take a statement from him. This caused resources to be reallocated from the homicide investigation. One investigator remained at the witness’ door for hours, another had to write a search warrant and get it signed, and finally several had to serve the search warrant just to get into the residence, speak to the witness, and get information to help solve the murder. The witness and his father, also in the home when investigators were knocking on the door, were arrested. Kevin Jacobs, age 46, of 9002 S. Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, was charged with Resisting an Officer Without Violence. The witness, a juvenile, was also arrested and charged with Resisting an Officer Without Violence.

Rodney Jones

Suspect In Aug 20 Murder

All other witnesses were cooperative and assisted law enforcement in making arrests within hours of the murder of sixteen year old Jason Ian Price.

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